I, like many others, have discovered Spoonflower, a DIY fabric printing service. In order to sell fabric via this service, you must first order samples. I document below the designs I tried, and how the samples turned out.

About the sample images: The upper left is generally the original graphic, the upper right is generally how it looks printed on each fabric, the bottom left is generally to show the underside and show through, and the bottom right is generally to show how it looks held up to a light. The center is generally a more accurate color representation (scanned as opposed to photos).

Printed on upholstery-weight twill, Pattern setting: half-drop repeat

Printed on Quilting Weight, Pattern setting: half-brick repeat

Printed on Quilting Weight, Pattern setting: half-drop repeat

Printed on linen-cotton canvas, Pattern setting: half-brick repeat

Printed on Organic Cotton Knit, Pattern setting: basic repeat

This last one is a character from my children’s book.

These are the fabrics I have up for sale, but on my Spoonflower Profile, I have a lot of other concepts posted. Given that I don’t have endless funds for sample ordering, I’d love feedback and requests (I may or may not be able to honor ’em, but I’d still like the input) for what folks might be interested in.

My favorite fabrics are the Knit and Twill, but the canvas is pretty appealing too. The twill seems by far the best at getting details to show up, and the canvas is pretty crisp with details.



Topataco had a pre-con party at Arcane Comics in West Seattle.

How and why did I go? What con am I even talking about?

So, Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue fame needed a couch for crashing, as he will be workin’ the Emerald City Comic Con. Having kinda been there and done that, it seemed natural to offer. And so, I am swept away in the rush of comicness that is invading Seattle right now. Don’t worry, I’ll set him free when the experiments are complete make sure he gets to the con on time.


Joel responds: “That’s the same thing Leeloo said to Corbin Dallas Multipass”

And in my glee that anyone gets that subtle joke, I made this to respond. This is Joel, finding a special appreciation for Seattle *ahem* that allows him to save us from a terrible burning death under the horrible daystar that came out today.

I love The 5th Element, I really do!