First thing : I know, it’s been a while. See, immediately following ECCC, I got the plague! Well, not really, but it was a serious virus that lingered as respiratory irritation for about 2 months. To top it off, while starting the cold, I took Nyquil, and found out just then that I am wildly allergic. In addition to having a horrible virus, I also had respiratory distress and hives! yay? And following the illness, I have developed some sort of pain that they thought might have been a hernia or cracked rib (which seemed natural with all the coughing forever and ever). I’ve finally got actual diagnoses with empirical evidence that I do indeed have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (hello enlarged Ovary!), and Diabetes (thankfully a mild case). They’re still investigating a lot of other things (like fibromyalgia, IBS,…), but right now, I am so beat! That’s a lot of sickness and pain, and I am tired beyond tired. I’ve been using most of my creative energy on designing fabric patterns, and the random bit of art. My WordPress and ComicPress installs are also having some issues, and I must rely on my techie friends to have free time to figure out how to fix things. And at some point this year, I expect a 3rd volume of my art books to be out on Lulu!

On to funner stuffs!

Back in early May, I was ever so lucky to attend w00tstock 2.0! Back in Feb., I was also fortunate enough to see Jonathan Coulton/Paul and Storm, and when looking at w00tstock, I mean… I just had to go! In fact, I’m also Paul and Storm Minion #293, a fact I forgot when standing in line for autographs, so like a dummy I couldn’t have them sign it “To Minion #293”. I kept going back and forth in my head between 293 and 296.





This here is the amazingly adorable, sexy, smart, fast-talking Hank Green. I’d never heard of him before, and now I am completely addicted. I’m just now sort of coming around to his brother John. Perhaps I’d like John more if he also sang. Hank’s rap about w00tstock is so fabulous!


And the amazing Molly Lewis, who has a great song about Stephen Fry that is much like she read my mind!


Oh, Mr. Savage…


I’m a huge Mythbusters and Adam Savage fan, so I was tickled to pieces that I actually got to see him live, AND get an autograph. I gave him the line art for this piece because I didn’t have enough time to color it before the show, and I got the compliment of “You’ve been paying attention!”. I wrote more about it here, but it was a nice nano-moment of validation. I spent a lot of time being told I was stupid, untalented, and on and on, so that was a good thing for my ego!

You can find a few w00stock videos on my YouTube channel.