I have a few things to put up today!

Steamcon Staff T-shirt

This was the Steamcon Staff T-shirt that I designed art for!

Philanthropic Space Pigs

Molly Lewis Birthday

It was also Molly Lewis‘ birthday, and it turns out that Nov. 23 was also the birthday of Boris¬† Karloff and Harpo Marx… so…


I’m trying to get things updated now that the site is fixed! I’ve added a quick gallery for fabrics, and I can finally easily put up images again!

I was listening to A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume, with guest Jonathan Coulton. There was talk of how the upcoming album would be lacking monkeys. This is a sad monkey waiting by the phone.

If you enjoy that podcast, I highly, highly recommend checking out Mr. Plume’s chats with Mike Phirman,¬† and Adam Savage. Really, there and many amazing interviews that he’s done!


Well, some of the tech here is still out of order, but for now, I will resort to old fashioned efforts! Here is a long summary of various things I’ve been up to in the recent months.

A little fan art of Marian Call that I’d done before the show. I was fortunate enough to gift her a copy at the show that I went to, and later, Peter Sagal mentioned it on Twitter. ::NPR SQUEE::

I LOVE Fringe, so it was only natural that I draw my favorite character. Man, I just adore John Noble.

If you aren’t on to Mike Phirman yet, you should catch up! So funny and talented! You should also catch both of his chats with Ken Plume. They’ve got fantastic chemistry!

In Episode 8 of Kevin Smith and Ronald Garman’s Hollywood Babble On podcast, Kevin imagined doing the podcast as Muppets… forgetting for a moment that it’s audio. Pretty much any mention of Muppets and I start itching to create, so… And much to my shock, in Episode 9, they talked about the art. My name was mixed up with someone else who sent in art, but I still delight in having been called a “Motherfucker”. *giggle* I also feel uncommonly qualified to refer to Richard Garman with any name I so choose.

So now I’m really excited, but the next piece that came to mind was a short comic that crosses over with many of the SModcasts. If you’re not already fan, or not quite caught up, this may not make a lot of sense. I will at least give this background: Rudyard Garman has a thing both for Emma Stone and Owls, Malcolm Ingram tends to be overly sensitive in defending himself… and I think I’ll assume you know about Harry Potter. I should also be very clear – this comic is NSFW, kinda rude, and generally comedically filthy.

Full Comic, NSFW!!

This was a painting that I started live on the internet. If I can ever figure out how to sort out space, lighting, and what to do with it next, I will probably do it via Ustream.

These are but a few recent fabrics that I’ve released via Spoonflower. I think it’s safe to say I’m still pretty addicted to designing fabrics.

A little beefcake-y Halloween art.

A little winter holiday related art.

I made ice cream! Sage, Butter, Cranberry, Brown Sugar and Grape, topped with candied walnut. It needs work, some stuff didn’t really come through in the flavor department.

I’ll be presenting some stuff in the Steamcon II art show, and this is basically the art design for what you’ll see on the Staff t-shirts.

The art to accompany my bio for Steamcon II. My Bio?

Jade Gordon, also known as J-99-B1, is the fourth model in the Artistic Automaton series. Her exterior is a beautiful combination of oak and polished brass, complemented by tasteful tapestries. Inside, an advanced Aesthet-o-matic Engine, with over 36 gears, controls everything from Jade’s themes to her characters to her choice of media. Recurrent ouput modes include digital art, caricature, fabric designs, webcomics and more! Manufactured in Upstate New York, the Jade Gordon is now located in Seattle, Washington. The J-99-B1 can run for up to twelve hours on 50 oz. solution comprised of water, glucose, sodium, and other simple chemicals. Additional schematics & information available at jadegordon.com, and popular websites such as Spoonflower.com, Flickr.com, and Twitter.com.

This is the full color finished piece that the bio pic comes from.

During the 100th episode of Paul and Storm’s podcast, someone sent in a question for the special guest, Molly Lewis. It was “What is cuter, Molly, or a cartoon bunny Molly?” Flawed question! So… my pencil started scratching, and now I ask you, “What is cuter, cartoon bunny Molly, cartoon bunny Paul, or cartoon bunny Storm?”

Oh how I love w00tstock! I wondered what they’d all look like as Muppets… I started out just trying to draw the core group, but I had to keep things reasonable. This took a long time!

WHEW. And now, I need to go rest up, in a few hours I have to eat a radioactive sammich so doctors can examine my insides. Good times.