Kevin Pollak Chat Show

Kevin Pollak Chat Show

Fan of the Kevin Pollak Chat Show? If not, you should be! Charming interviews with awesome people, what is not to love? I first drew Kevin and Jaime Fox, then tried to go for the crew as well, but I was suffering from Google Fail, and wasn’t sure if I had the right people, and I know I’m missing some. Anywho… Since they seem to fan of both The Simpsons and Mad Men over at the Chat Show, I decided to mash-up the themes.

Kevin Smith and Jennifer Schwalbach

Kevin Smith is doing a Podcast with his lovely wife called “Plus One“, and they’re really pretty adorable.

Paul, Storm, and the Bumbergiff

In Paul and Storm‘s 103rd the question was asked – what the heck is a Bumbergiff? I couldn’t find the answer, aside from Bumber meaning Umbrella… So naturally I imagined an umbrella being used as a boat and old timey Paul (with his new beard!) and Storm.

That’s all for now! Happy New Year!


Jasika Nicole and Astrid from Fringe

Jasika Nicole as Astrid from Fringe! I love Fringe. I hope they stay on the air long enough to finish the story!

Art by Jade Gordon

My BFF’s little kid said, referring to her fist, “this is the train because you are the train track. Choo choo!” and proceeded to beat her mother in the face.

Having done some parenting, I sympathize with how painful it is when very little kids do things like this, but at the same time, it is so darn hard not to laugh until you cry at something so outrageous from a little kid.

So… now this is an in joke with my other friends, when we get mad at each other in a silly way, we just yell “CHOO CHOO MOTHER#@&*$#”… It amuses us at least. *cough* I bet Sam Jackson would be proud.

Marc maron

Do you listen to Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast? Of course you do. This was inspired by a morning rant Marc had on Twitter.

Kevin Smith

In Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier’s SModcast #149, Kevin talked about the effects during the Quidditch scenes of the most recent Harry Potter movie being really believable. I immediately picked up a pencil.

Art by Jade Gordon

I was inspired to draw a little Fatshion.

That’s it for today! Have a lovely Holiday!


Art by Jade Gordon

A little angelic/fairy art for you, in a somewhat seasonal mood.

Art by Jade Gordon

If you can’t tell by the thumbnail, that is NSFW!

You see, the creator of the amazing adult’s only webcomic Oglaf got complaints of too many dicks in the comic, making it “gay”, and this is my response to that.

In other news, check out the Store/Shopping Links in the menu, I added a couple more stores with stuff you may find appealing.