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Kevin Pollak Chat Show

Kevin Pollak Chat Show

Fan of the Kevin Pollak Chat Show? If not, you should be! Charming interviews with awesome people, what is not to love? I first drew Kevin and Jaime Fox, then tried to go for the crew as well, but I was suffering from Google Fail, and wasn’t sure if I had the right people, and I know I’m missing some. Anywho… Since they seem to fan of both The Simpsons and Mad Men over at the Chat Show, I decided to mash-up the themes.

Kevin Smith and Jennifer Schwalbach

Kevin Smith is doing a Podcast with his lovely wife called “Plus One“, and they’re really pretty adorable.

Paul, Storm, and the Bumbergiff

In Paul and Storm‘s 103rd the question was asked – what the heck is a Bumbergiff? I couldn’t find the answer, aside from Bumber meaning Umbrella… So naturally I imagined an umbrella being used as a boat and old timey Paul (with his new beard!) and Storm.

That’s all for now! Happy New Year!