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January 22nd, 2011

Some of you may know that due to WA State’s budget crisis, they’ve had to cut a number of medical programs and a fair amount of financial assistance for those in need. I am one of those in need, and of what is left, I cannot afford or get coverage for dental care. To further complicate things, emergency treatment is only available to treat dental infections, and they will only pull very degraded teeth, there is nothing else they can do, even under charitable care.

In spite of my hygiene efforts, I have a cavity*. I first noticed it – rather inconveniently – after dental coverage was cut off. I’ve been trying to keep it clean, and use medicated mouthwash to prevent infection, but it may not be working, it is starting to hurt when I eat, and feels somewhat raw and irritated when I’m just sitting around minding my own business.

SO, this is a long shot, but I’m throwing this out there in the hopes that if people who can and are feeling generous enough to donate a few bucks, perhaps I can afford to get it taken care of. I would guess something around 200 or 300 total would help get the tooth fixed, and perhaps the very kind dentist I’ve seen in the past will accept something close to that if I can at least pay up front (he is also mere footsteps from where I live, so I won’t have to deal with transportation and other needs).

If you are able, money can be sent to me via PayPal at the address jadaze at hotmail dot com. If I exceed that amount needed, I will use it to buy other medical stuff that the insurance doesn’t cover – like an actual adequate amount of diabetes testing supplies, and (doctor recommended) supplements that help stave off infections – crucial since I can’t take antibiotics without some amount of hospitalization thanks to allergies – acetaminophen, fiber supplements, etc. I’ll also say something as soon as I have enough for the dentist visit, so people can stop donating.

For future reference, I will also likely have no medical coverage or financial assistance after march and until Federal Disability MIGHT start kicking in for me. If you have ideas for how I can raise funds, I would appreciate it. I am still unable to work, and my medical conditions leave me fairly unreliable, but perhaps I can sell art or something. I’ll try to consider options suggested!

Should you wish to pass this on, please use this link.

Thanks for listening.

*Three things are likely culprits. 1) I have a small and oddly shaped bone structure that dentists tend to complain about, the dentist I saw last predicted something like this, no matter how hard I tried to take care of it since even he was having a hard time getting at things with his fancy and special tools. 2) Medication for diabetes might be tweaking things a bit. 3) I likely have a 2nd form of diabetes that affects things as well.

Update: Half way there!

Update #2: Dentist appointment Feb. 3 (unless it becomes urgent)! He is open to negotiation, so hopefully it’ll work out. :: crossed fingers ::

Update #3: I think I have enough now to cover the appointment!

Update #4: The tooth I thought was a problem isn’t – it’s the gums receding due to acidity (not coming from diet, so another marker for Diabetes Insipidus), the wrong toothbrush, and perhaps too harsh a toothpaste. The gum rose high enough to expose the root, hence the hole and pain.

He did express more urgent concern over one really obvious cavity and two that should be done while still small. This lovely dentist said he’ll eat the cost of x-rays (which he did today, just to ensure there aren’t infections lying in wait – and there aren’t!), and fill the 3 teeth for the money I said I had. I went ahead and pre-paid, so we’ll be good to go.

I need to see my regular doctor to evaluate what the dentist should and should not use in terms of injections and stuff (re: my medications and medical conditions), and possibly get him more info so he can make sure it is all done safely. Then, later this month, I go in and he fixes mah grill.

Overall though, I am apparently doing a good job, so it isn’t as crazy as it could be.

Update #5: 3 cavities filled, exposed roots now not exposed, I’m all patched up! Thank you so much everybody!!


2 Responses to “Blog Post”

  1. Shannon

    I suggest you call the UW School of Dentistry. They do really good work for a whole lot less than a regular dentist would cost. I know. I had a ton of work done by them last year when I had no insurance at all.

  2. admin

    I have had stuff done at the UW, several years ago I volunteered for the dental students and got for free 1) probably life saving root canals, because I had no idea there were two infections unsettlingly close to my brain as the result of orthodontic carelessness when I was a teen, and 2) some repair on cavities that were hidden from me, I didn’t even know they were happening. Sadly I don’t seem eligible for any current opportunities of the volunteer type. They also are cheaper if you go in as a regular patient, yes, but the dentist that’s right next door to me lowers his prices to be about the same if you’re in dire financial straights. I’d rather go to him so I only have to hobble right back home and not worry about paying for special transportation (I don’t respond too well to dental procedures, and I’ll be pretty out of it even for minor stuff.).

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