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January 31st, 2011

Scott Thompson

I’ve been enjoying Scott Thompson’s new podcast. After listening to it, I have a whole new respect and admiration for Bellini as well. (I should also note if you’re not familiar with his comedy, Scott is generally NSFW.)

UPDATE: Please check out Episode 12! They discuss my fan art, but they also are having a little art contest that sounds like great fun!

Update #2: Bellini featured the art in an article for Fab Magazine!

Enchanted Deer

Enchanted Doll is having a contest to win a doll. This was my entry. I doubt I even have the slightest chance, but it was a fun challenge!


Inspired by The Long Winters’ “The Commander Thinks Aloud”, it is an awesome, awesome song and I love it. I especially LOVE this version of John Roderick performing it on the JoCo cruise. I missed some of the details the first few times, so I suggest min. ~3-8 of this angle as well.

I should also note I’ve been making little tweaks to the site here and there and updating the site some. I took down the ads because they have never generated a single cent to help cover the cost of keeping the site up. I also feel like the traffic they generated was not so useful, and people probably came here looking for the wrong thing. Oh well. Moving on!


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