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February 12th, 2011


Marc Maron

I wanted to illustrate the kerfuffle from the recent interview Marc Maron had with Gallagher. Gallagher is… he’s like every old man on the bus who wants desperately to drop some knowledge, but is nearly incoherent and also very, very angry at everyone ELSE for, well, everything. You know, just like me in about 10 years *ba-dum-tch*. Except I probably still wouldn’t be willing to make racist, sexist, offensive jokes for money. Yes, Marc Maron absolutely did get angry and accusatory and became a rude host, but I can completely understand it. I wouldn’t want to be patronized and yelled at for a half hour either. I know it was a rough episode to listen to, but like pretty much all of Maron’s podcasts, there is so much to be learned not just about comedy, but about people and human interaction. Even when it doesn’t go quite as planned, I often feel better and more positive after listening.

Nicholas Brendon

Sometimes I feel like Hollywood missed an opportunity by not casting Nicholas Brendon as Superman ever. He can do sweet, and guileless so well. Obviously I’ll always have a soft spot for Xander, but I also enjoyed the character of Seth on Kitchen Confidential. I wish that series had gotten at least a full season. (And at least I can get my John Francis Daley fix on Bones.) I’m looking forward to his panel at ECCC this year!

The Guild Stiff Breeze

A little fan art of “The Guild”, featuring Amy Okuda, Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton (hey, he got 2 fan arts this week!). I call this one “Stiff Breeze”. *cough*


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