I made a blog post elsewhere, and have updated it periodically, and it seemed time to put it here as well. It focuses on activism, and my views on a lot of issues, including links to support my points (be it actual credible source or opinion pieces). Comments are off because mostly I’m just expressing my views, and cataloging them for future reference. SOrry if some of the links don’t work, I’ll try to figure that out eventually.

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Ken Plume

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume is a mighty fine podcast!

Self Portrait Timeline 1

I saw a meme going around where you’d collect self portraits you’ve done over the years. I didn’t include stuff from the webcomic, stuff not really suitable for public release, etc. I wish I had more than this!

Self Portrait Timeline 2

So I went through what photos I have of myself, and tried to draw new Self Portraits that represent myself from birth to present.  It isn’t completely accurate, and I feel like some years maybe got mixed up, but it’ll do. Some notes: Age 5 1st day of school, Age 14, yes really, Age 15 wedding guest, Age 18 my wedding, Age 23 1st RHPS, Age 28 and 32 Halloween, Age 31 1st Pride Parade. If you comment with an Age #, I will try to answer questions about ’em!


Just a few things today…

In a recent Paul and Storm podcast, there was talk of sidekicks, and Paul put out a request for someone to build wooden steampunk money robots. I cannot build, but I can draw! I drew the sketch right away, but time and distraction drew the linework out about a week, then there’s the usual up all night coloring.

Paul and Storm Wooden Steampunk Monkey Robots

Somewhat recently on Twitter, Marian Call talked about being able to see snow and stars at the same time…

Marian Call

Nelson Long Boards made a limited run of long boards with my bacon fabric! They are currently sold out, but it’s still pretty darn cool!

Nelson Long Boards in Bacon