Doctor Who BFFs

Oh yes, a new and giddy fan of Doctor Who am I. I am, save the older seasons, caught up to the current (well, minus the newest, I’m not synced up yet with airings).

Doctor Who Donna Noble and Wilford Mott

And somehow, I’d neglected to post this before. This is also Doctor Who fan art. I love Donna Noble SO MUCH.

Queen Duck

Hard to explain, but here I am as a Twitter, Duck, Queen.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Whoa, you guyz. It has been AGES since I drew the sexy. Weird.



Vetruvian Dan

Vetruvian Dan

I just got back a little bit ago from seeing Dan Telfer live (You may know him best from this YouTube clip) at the Cafe Venus and Mars Bar.

What a fun show! Dan is hilarious and nerdy, and angry and vulgar. My kind of show! Before it began, Dove leaned in and whispered to me, pointing out that the two opening comics and Mr. Telfer were behind us talking shop. Silent comedy nerd-girl squee! The bar was pretty great, everything (including the menu) was SPACE themed. So very excellent.

To those ardently following me (HAHAHA ha ha… ha….), this may all be familiar, so just bear with me!

I am a fan of comedy, I always have been. That is a long story for another time and place. I have not, however, managed to choose to go to a stand-up show. Sure, some elements of w00tstock are very stand-up centric, depending on guest, but I’d not been able to attend on my own something purely stand-up oriented. I chaperoned a Kate Clinton show with a buncha students from the college I was attending. While she’s great fun and I’d loved what I’d seen of her on Comedy Central, I wouldn’t have known about the show or been able to afford it otherwise. I was once visiting a friend at her college, and to make up for her forgetting to tell me that Henry Rollins had been doing a show on campus for free, she took me to… to… Alright, no matter how many times I try to remember who it was, I cannot. It was either Elaine Boosler or Rita Rudner. While I know clearly who each person is, I just can’t remember which one we saw.

Anyway, so that is the story of how Dan Telfer took my stand-up show cherry.