I will apologize right off the bat for my wording, grammar and spelling. I am up way past bedtime!

I won tickets from The Stranger (they gave them away while promoting the recent interview) to see Tim Minchin!

I was pretty excited when the Neptune converted from a movie theater to a live show venue. I mean, for years it has been overrun with the most ridiculous and poorly behaved frat boys, so I stopped going there completely. As a live venue, I have to say – fantastic! A decent size, decent sound (the crowd kind of reached new levels of decibels, but it felt like a much more cozy venue than it is, I found it reasonably immersive), and sure the seating is a bit odd, but that’s not supposed to be permanent – I found it pretty comfortable in comparison to some other venues. Fun note: I was apparently sitting just a little bit behind Neil Gaiman. Whut.

Anyhow… I’d first heard about Minchin from a friend, but rather quickly I came across the doughnut debacle and decided to avoid him. I gave him a chance again, seeing him on ye olde tee-vee a couple of times. I was still a little dubious, but after this bit re: retiring the doughnut thing from the interview:

“You’re not putting people in a room and then trapping them there while you abuse them.”

Understanding more about him now, and his ability to be responsible and thoughtful about his material, I was willing to give him a bit more of my attention.

I am so glad I did! The show was amazing! It was so much fun, Minchin’s piano playing was wondrously beastly, and not only did we get an encore – we got TWO. The second was – be still my heart – a cover of “Hallelujah”. I managed to stifle a girlish scream.

I was able to make a brief detour post-show to give Molly Lewis some art. She’s so nice! :D I will hang on to hopes that she’ll be doing a show I can get to sometime soon.

So yep, I am completely amused and moved and it was a great time. I’m going to go hit the hay before I faceplant into my keyboard.


Captain Picard

This was my contribution to Captain Picard Day.

Alton Brown

Alton Brown had a challenge for potential Twitter Avatars, this was my effort.

Jess Fink

A portrait of Jess Fink, just because she is amazing and makes many awesome things.

Jeri Ryan

Jeri Ryan was recently on Ken Plume’s A Bit of a Chat. She is amazing and fascinating, and a fan of gardening!

Frogger The Musical

Fan art of Paul and Storm’s song “Frogger! The Musical“, which I finally got around to creating after having heard about it being Paul and Mrs. Paul’s anniversary recently.


I designed a bunch of new fabrics and put them up for sale on Spoonflower. I wanted to try some large, bright florals and some kind of coordinating designs. I’m sorry I didn’t get around to posting sooner, but today (June 20th) they’re doing free shipping. You’ll have to hurry!


That’s all I got for now! Except this one thing…

I’ll be visiting family in Vegas in 2 weeks and I am dead broke. I will likely be fed for most meals, but I’d like to have pocket money just in case, and to cover unexpected medical needs (and crazy amounts of water, I mean… Vegas in JULY), transportation, etc. If you might like to make a donation, you can try me on PayPal, or check out the Revolution Money Exchange link in the menu. I have far too many needs on my “OMGHALP” list, but this one in coming up a lot more quickly than the others. I promise not to gamble any of it! I did a little of that my first trip years ago, and it is sooo not me. I’ve been since, and I’d really rather not. I’m more interested in a Hoover Dam postcard/souvenir of some kind. OH! I can do that! If you donate 10 bucks or more, I will send you a postcard with a doodle on it! How does that sound?

Man, I can’t wait to get out of the house. Most of May was pretty bad, and incapacitating in new and horrible ways. June has been better, but I’ve been too broke to do much – and strolls around the U District tend to be ill advised. I do love sight seeing! Particularly of the expansive vista variety.


Also, I just realized… this was a very Star Trek-y art post! Huh.


Doug Benson

Fan art of Doug Benson. I very much enjoy the Doug Loves Movies podcast, and found “Super High Me” very entertaining. I also really enjoyed him guesting on Joe Rogan’s podcast (which I don’t usually listen to…).

Molly Lewis Haz Toe Shoez and you do not... probably.

If you’ve been following the Toe Shoe saga on Molly Lewis’ episodes of Ken Plume’s  A Bit of a Chat podcast, this will make sense to you. Otherwise, please enjoy the randomness.