Tim Minchin Concert

I will apologize right off the bat for my wording, grammar and spelling. I am up way past bedtime!

I won tickets from The Stranger (they gave them away while promoting the recent interview) to see Tim Minchin!

I was pretty excited when the Neptune converted from a movie theater to a live show venue. I mean, for years it has been overrun with the most ridiculous and poorly behaved frat boys, so I stopped going there completely. As a live venue, I have to say – fantastic! A decent size, decent sound (the crowd kind of reached new levels of decibels, but it felt like a much more cozy venue than it is, I found it reasonably immersive), and sure the seating is a bit odd, but that’s not supposed to be permanent – I found it pretty comfortable in comparison to some other venues. Fun note: I was apparently sitting just a little bit behind Neil Gaiman. Whut.

Anyhow… I’d first heard about Minchin from a friend, but rather quickly I came across the doughnut debacle and decided to avoid him. I gave him a chance again, seeing him on ye olde tee-vee a couple of times. I was still a little dubious, but after this bit re: retiring the doughnut thing from the interview:

“You’re not putting people in a room and then trapping them there while you abuse them.”

Understanding more about him now, and his ability to be responsible and thoughtful about his material, I was willing to give him a bit more of my attention.

I am so glad I did! The show was amazing! It was so much fun, Minchin’s piano playing was wondrously beastly, and not only did we get an encore – we got TWO. The second was – be still my heart – a cover of “Hallelujah”. I managed to stifle a girlish scream.

I was able to make a brief detour post-show to give Molly Lewis some art. She’s so nice! :D I will hang on to hopes that she’ll be doing a show I can get to sometime soon.

So yep, I am completely amused and moved and it was a great time. I’m going to go hit the hay before I faceplant into my keyboard.