Art Post

The Doubleclicks Concert Host Doodle

I went to a free-ish (I at least brought arts!) house concert for The Doubleclicks recently. The hostess had a guestbook for doodles, this is what I put in it. I call it “Maximilian Possession”. Become a fan of theirs and you may eventually figure it out!

Steamcon Art Show

These are the arts I will be selling at Steamcon III. Wish me luck? Momma needs a new pair of orthopedic shoes… yesterday.


I was trying to convert to a new keyring, and this happened.

Amy Pond and Rory WIlliams

The most recent Doctor Who had a very sweet moment, and inspired me to make this. The boy who waited, and waited, and waited, … and waited

Self Portrait as a Bear

Self portrait as a bear. Because that’s what you do. Yeah?

Emily Gordon and Maleficent

And today’s finale… Emily Gordon as Maleficent, based on the most recent episode of The Indoor Kids. Kumail (who is married to Emily) expressed having a certain attraction to Maleficent, so naturally I… :: points at the art ::

That’s all I got for today. I hobble away now of feet with chafing from shoes with fraying linings. Whee.