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Geek Girl Con Concert


Do you like this fan art of Marian Call, Molly Lewis and The Doubleclicks? Would you like the full image in high rez for wallpaper? Then please consider donating or supporting me in some way. I did manage to aquire tickets for the con, the concert tickets should be gifted me today as a b-day gift, but as I’ve mentioned in previous rants, I am in need of new ortopedically inclined shoes – I’d like to walk around to things without my feet rubbing raw, you know?

You can donate via Revolution by clicking this link. Or if you must, PayPal with the e-mail address in this link (P.S. It has been suggested that Paypal donors select the Personal option, then Gift so there are no unexpected fees.).

Whatever it is you do, try to send a note that lets me know what you did and what e-mail address I should send the file to (and if you want ye olde 1024×768 or 1920×1080). If you use donations, often there somewhere in the submission forms to leave a note.

Update #1: (Sorry, was very sleepy and ill last night, forgot more details!) Concert Info, and Tickets.

Shoe fund currently at $20. The goal is so I can afford something like this or this, it really depends on what I can find that feels right and meets doctors’ requirements. I currently have been relying on a pair of Merrells because they suit my needs pretty well, but I had to sacrifice my pink toes. I also plan to go to my favorite shoe store with the excellent return and exchange policy, because they offer decent discounts.

Update #2: Shoe fund is up to $45!

Update #3: Shoe fund is up to $60!

Update #4: $65! Shoes tried on (more than a dozen!), bought (not quite enough funds, but I pinched some pennies), ready for return/exchange, special order in process. Complicated!