My little post-con collage.

So, Steamcon was excellent. The costumes are just so fabulous and prolific. I loved all of it! The event was in Bellevue, and will be again next year. I have to say, it is a much better venue. I was physically able to navigate it, partially because towers make for a lot less space to traverse. Anywho… you aren’t here for my chatter!

Steamcon Staircase

Steamcon Staircase

Some quick snaps from the group photo session. Apparently all the attendees decided to show up for it!

Steamcon Costume Vintage

Steamcon Jellyfish Costume VintageSteamcon Jellyfish Costume Vintage

That first one is me with Pandora Wrigglesworth (also a link here to see some of what she makes) (taken by the only pro photographer they had this time, who was using an old instant camera where she had to duck under the fabric cover.). The latter two are my Giant Jellyfish costume.

More detailed coverage of my costumes:

Steamcon Costume Collection

The tentacle fabric is one that I designed:

If you want to share the photos of my costume, please use one of these links:

Steamcon Jellyfish Costume


And now, a little more Pandora! She worked really hard on her costumes, and I think she looks pretty spiffy!


Pandora Wrigglesworth

Pandora Wrigglesworth

Pandora Wrigglesworth

So yep, it was pretty awesome!

If you took photos of me or Pandora, please let us know! We’d love to see them!


I went back and revisited my Legend of Neil fanarts, hoping to maybe be considered for DVD inclusion. Do they seem worthy of doing something similar to what I did with the GeekGirlCon Concert fanart? I mean, medical stuff that isn’t covered by insurance ain’t cheap, we’re being forced to move due to construction, and there’s just a lot of crazy stuff going on I can’t do anything about. Needs just keep piling up. *shrug*

Legend of Niel

Legend of Niel

Speaking of the concert…

Geek Girl Con Concert

I’m really hoping I can get tickets to see Marc Maron in November. He’s playing at The Neptune, a sea-themed theater so…

Marc Maron

There’s a neat little restaurant nearby called “Nook“. I kind of love them (locally owned, tasty, cheap-ish, friendly couple who make/run the place), so I made this for them…


AAaand lastly…


Steamcon! This weekend! I don’t know if I’ll be able to get printer ink, but if I can, I will try to make 50 or so buttons to have as freebies for people checking out my art at the art show! I feel like I made 100 last year, and they obviously evaporated. I would like to do more, but I made not have enough supplies left. I also may not be able to, because my ulnar nerve entrapment is going cray-zeee (the machine is all manual).


If you want to Tumblr this : I have posted it there as well.

New fabrics

In other news… These are new fabrics up for sale! I am in love with this batch!

Storm and a Weeping Angel

Last and never least, Storm DiCostanzo and Weeping Angels, since he recently got to this point in Doctor Who.


Shoe fund update: I tried on a dozen pairs, nothing worked (apparently I am firmly a size 11 now, and a wide width, AND my left foot is taller – from swelling or deformity? – than my right), and I am currently waiting for some special order exchanges. I’m trying to stick with that initial budget of $65, but man… you know some options run at almost $200 bucks?? I may as well be wearing precious gemstone studded designer shoes! Sheesh. The docs say I should replace my shoes every 6 months to a year, but wow. I miss cheap Payless shoes, boy oh boy.