Greg Proops

I was fortunate enough to see Greg Proops live recently. I am very much a fan of his podcast, “The Smartest Man in the World“. This fan art is based on a bit from the “Diamonds” episode.

I made a wallpaper version for you on a new fabric design I created. I don’t know why this feels so adorable to me… The design is very tiny for a contest, but once the contest is over, I may enlarge it a little. The giant bacon design is ready for order, though I think I’ll have to make a rotated version as well. My idea was something that would be more abstract when worn, or could be made into large bacon pillows.

Meager offerings this time. Sorry… I’ve just been so drained. There was a large and overly complicated snow storm, sleepless nights caused by criminals trying to burn down the building I live in and otherwise stir up trouble, medical woes and horrifying procedures, and a heavy case of grey season blahs. So it goes.


Once upon a time, I amassed a giant collection of my opinions and links to articles supporting them (I know, some links are outdated, broken, or somehow link to the wrong things because they moved the source… sorry.).  Today, I ranted on Twitter, and I have more than several 140 character or less statements so…

  • How you look is not what defines you as a nerd, or a geek.
  • Comedy attempting to appeal to “nerds” shouldn’t use old stereotyping contexts and reformatted racist, sexist, sizeist, jokes.
  • Comedy written for thinking and studied people will suffice as “nerd” humor.
  • Also, there is no such thing as “too old” for a thing, instead of picking on what other people find fun & joyful, find your own indulgences.
  • The more I hear about how girls don’t play video games & only fat/”ugly” people are nerdy, the more I think the speaker is lazy & selfish.
  • I want to support stuff I love, even if sometimes they say dumb things, but boy is it hard sometimes.
  • Nerds, fats, uglies, we are everywhere, and we are in your audience. Hard to pay you for the pleasure of being called stupid and a loser.
  • Disclaimer: Sure, insult/rude comedy is a thing people enjoy, but w/ such skill & cleverness for other types, I want to see variety honored.

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