I have a few things today! Well, OK… more than a few…


Marian Call

Marian Call posted some photos from an art project she was modeling… I felt compelled to fanart it!


Self portrait as a snail. Because. Creepy, no?


On a recent Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume, he chatted with Gillian Jacobs of the awesome show, “Community”. This is Brita and Señor Chang doing the play “Letters” as Muppets.

TJ Miller Tarzan


This is… I took a nap the other day and had a series of odd dreams. There was one in which comedian TJ Miller was a nude Tarzan, telling funnies while swinging around a stage on vines. Imagine what that’d actually look and sound like. You’re welcome.

TJ Miller

I also did a proper portrait of him. He seemed to enjoy it! :)


PNBJDE Promo Video!

I will be appearing at the Pacific Northwest Ball-Jointed Doll Expo, and this is a video they posted today to promote the show. I’ve always loved dolls, and kind of early on with the BJD fad a lot of my friends jumped into it. However, it is a very expensive hobby (and job for one awesomely talented friend), so I couldn’t indulge. At least now I get to see a bunch up close!


Also, I will be attending Emerald City Comic Con. I hope I can figure out a wheelchair arrangement by then, my back has been really iffy lately. Are you going? What in particular will be a draw for you?


Pete Holmes

I leave you with fanart of Pete Holmes, comedian and host of the “You Made it Weird” podcast.


Hourly Comic Day 2012

Hourly Comic Day 2012! (Click all the way through for the large size.)


Firstly, Lucy Knisley wins the day!


I didn’t think too much on scale or detail… so I ended up with lots of problems. Maybe next Year I will make a template. Since I wasn’t sure about the text being legible, I didn’t add much, but here are some notes…

Panel #1-3, typical slogs through can’t-create blocks, and thoughts of putting my eye out.

Panel #4-5, I was reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

Open Letter to John Green:

Thank you. Thank you for “The Fault in Our Stars”. Thank you for your part in building the Nerdfighter community. Thank you for being BFFs with Hank, as well as being his brother. Thank you for making an adorable kid, caring for and loving him, putting even more of the Green brand of awesome into the world, hopefully leading to many generations of fighters of world suck.

Panel #6, didn’t work. Off to bed.

Panel #7-9, At the end of a week long circus of rotating pain and medical issues, this night, my back just would not stop seizing up. A bit after 7, I managed to nod off, but was up again at 9 when my back, belly, and knees became unbearable and woke me up. So I sat up for a while on the edge of my bed. For some reason it is the only comfortable seat in the house right now.

Panel #10, Woke up, brushed my teeth, then realizing blood was spilling out of my mouth. Periodontal problems recur now and then (I do what I can, but no dental coverage, and still lacking a diagnosis otherwise for pH issues), but this much blood was kind of new.

Panel #11-12, SO hungry, but too tired and sore to do much cooking. I’ve also decided that the sammich shop next door is the best sammiches I’ve had since living on the east coast.

Panel #13-17, pretty self-explanatory.

Panel #18, Dammit, Roderick. (Listening to YouTube posts from his recent show in NYC.)

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