Art Post

The Doubleclicks

At ECCC I managed to catch a mini-concert with The Doubleclicks (they have new stuff coming out!!), Marian Call, Molly Lewis (who is making videos every day this month, check it out!)and Vixy and Tony.

Marian Call

And Marian Call’s newest, Shark Week was so fun! Can’t wait to see her plans for the release. :D

Molly Lewis

Speaking of Molly’s video project… I made this fan art to support it.

Molly Lewis

When Molly was on her… 2nd and 3rd? Bit of a Chats with Ken Plume, there was a mystery guest, eventually titled J.Q. Walrustitty. I thought I’d finally draw that – but then mash it up with My Neighbor Totoro… you know, because!

Then, C.K. Wright linked to some cute animal pictures, and this was among them, so I…

Pug Me

… made a self-portrait as a pug-ly princess. With a monocle.




And a final note…. I was interviewed! The interview – with photos – is here!