I am trying to raise money for a number of things – technology repairs and upgrades, traveling and outings (because I need to go OUTSIDE and DO STUFF more than once or twice a month, I’m so stir-crazy!), more trips to the Farmer’s Market for healthier food (there is no longer one within walking distance), SO…

I’m going to do a few things to test the waters before I start laying some bigger ideas on y’all.


Live streaming donations for sketches!


Here are some examples of what I did with my demo effort (and here are the videos of some). The idea is, donate some amount, and in chat, e-mail, IM, or with the box you can fill in when donating, tell me what you want me to draw. You’re just donating for the live drawing entertainment. I’m planning on July 7th from noon-ish-whenever (maybe 4pm or so) Pacific time.

The suggested guidelines for my next effort:

  • Pre-donated requests will be done in between live efforts so there is less downtime. I’d like to keep the stream lively for viewers.
  • Suggested donations: 1-10 bucks for simple ideas, 10 or more for something complex or detailed. I sometimes get randomly carried away, so there’s a small chance of getting a wee bit more bang for the buck.


The next thing is Posters. I will be taking pre-orders for these 11×7″ (These previews are not yet to scale, but I’ll fix that!) posters with a theme perhaps appealing to the JoCo Cruise Crazy crowd.

Poster Preview 2Poster Preview 1

I’m still working out the details, depending on shipping costs, I’m estimating they will be 20 bucks each (Maybe 30 for both?). I’ll need to get to a pre-order minimum of 100 50 each. I will randomly select probably 20 orders and add maybe a 1″ button with some art, and perhaps another random print… some kind of bonus! I will also likely do a limited time pre-order, because I want to make sure it’ll be sort of quicker and easier to refund if I don’t get enough orders.


Thirdly, this doesn’t fund raise a whole lot for me, but my Alice in Wonderland themed art for the PNWBJD Expo is now up on Deviant Art as a print.



If you have any questions, e-mail, tweet or something! There should be time to sort out quirks before these things go live!