The saved videos can be seen here!

Here are some selections from the two sessions.

Live Drawing

Wil Wizard


John Hodgman


I’m not sure when I’ll do it again. If you have suggestions, please let me know!


I will attempt more Live Drawings on July 22nd and 29th, each day from about noon until about 4pm pacific time on UStream. I mentioned many reasons for the effort previously, but right now, I have need for a new air conditioner. My asthma has been terrible lately, and the weather has been and will be the same for a while now – very high humidity, pollution, heat, stagnant air. The air conditioner I have has been less than functional, so… Anyway. So many reasons. I continue to shake an angry fist at technology.

The results of the previous Live Drawing : Some of the drawings below, and videos here.


Previous Live Drawing effort. (Links to videos and sketches., and a run down of how it works in general.)


Live Drawing Promo Video by Maria Fisher


Live streaming donations for sketches – Tomorrow, July 7th!


Here are some examples of what I did with my demo effort (and here are the videos of some). The idea is, donate some amount, and in chat, e-mail, IM, or with the box you can fill in when donating, tell me what you want me to draw. You’re just donating for the live drawing entertainment. I’m planning on July 7th from noon-ish-whenever (maybe 4pm or so) Pacific time.

The suggested guidelines for my next effort:

  • Pre-donated requests will be done in between live efforts so there is less downtime. I’d like to keep the stream lively for viewers.
  • Suggested donations: 1-10 bucks for simple ideas, 10 or more for something complex or detailed. I sometimes get randomly carried away, so there’s a small chance of getting a wee bit more bang for the buck.


Facebook event listing.

G+ event listing.


Additional notes:

  • I will try to save the videos to UStream for future viewing as I go, and when I can, I will copy them to YouTube (because UStream only holds so many).
  • Those darn technical difficulties… my laptop has some major audio malfunction AND now it is giving me video drama too (I can see video within the system, but it will not send it OUT. I will not be able to be mobile while I draw. So, expect that I will take a few breaks to move about, get coffee, etc.