Your friendly reminder that I am open to commissions!

Perhaps you want an avatar/portrait of your very own? Here’s some examples with really rough estimates of what it might cost:


For more info, please head to the bottom of the shop page for rules and guidelines! For a brief time, I may also post bonus videos of me drawing you art on YouTube, so you can see it being drawn!



I’ve been doing both Live Drawing (for donation or just to let folks watch me draw stuff) lately, as well as taking suggestions for drawing. What follows are a series of examples of these things.

Star Trek Groundhog.

Star Trek Groundhog

A monster.


Nerd Olympic Dice Rolling.

Nerd Dice

Letter M stuff, and monkeys.

Monkey Ms

You can also click here to see a bunch of videos of me drawing stuff.

Oh! And I did a full coloring on Red Dwarf’s “Cat”, a doodle from my previous Live Drawing. I love Cat! I can’t wait for Red Dwarf X!



I’ve also been doing some of the usual fan arts.


Ken Plume, and the many hats he wears. I made this for his birthday!

Ken Plume

Brian Posehn, who I have meant to draw forever.

Brian Poshen

Molly Lewis in banana toed shoes. I think I’ll let you wonder.

Molly Lewis

Molly is going on tour with The Doubleclicks! You should check ’em out if they come to your town!

Ladies of Ragnarock Tour


I also popped in on Geek Girl Con long enough for the concert!

Geek Girl Con Concert

I made some fan art featuring Vixy and Tony

Vixy and Tony and Betsy and Sunnie

I also got to see them at the Geek Girl Con Concert!

Geek Girl Con Concert 2Geek Girl Con Concert 3


I also released some new fabric designs, and there should be a few more in a week or so.

That is about all I’ve got for you today.

Sorry for the delay in posting lately. I’ve been really scattered lately with running errands and dealing with flooding in our apartment from construction whoopsies. We’re currently down some key furniture and storage space, meaning I’m kind of stuck in piles of chaos until things get replaced.

I will possibly be doing another Live Donation Drawing soon, or more regularly. It is time again for new shoes (I very nearly blistered recently from spots that are wearing out), and I really need new art markers and better drawing paper. RE Paper, I’ve been using cheap reams of printer paper, but it is too cheap, it bleeds a LOT, especially when I’m stuck using substitute markers. Maybe I can’t get new tech tools for making art, but the basics need some restocking and improvement at least.