Art Post

One week left to take advantage of my $5 (probably line art) avatar offer (usual costs here, and examples)! I try to Ustream and YouTube them when I can.

I’m also pretty busy, so this next week will be it if you want anything from me in December. I will possibly also be busy in early Jan., too…

The next Live (Donation or not) Drawing (previously 1,  2, 3 , 4, 5 ) will be Saturday the 15th, probably from about 1pm on, I can be more specific as the date nears. Same general rules for donations and requests, if you can’t well, just come along and watch me draw whatever anyway. Lively chat will help give me ideas!

Seriously, because I would love to pay bills, you know? Maybe have a fancy Christmas dinner since finances prevented thanksgiving…



Deer Maria

Here are some examples of holiday avatars I’ve done recently!



And here are some other general portrait style avatars I’ve done recently.

Angela Doubleclick

And then there’s the fan art style avatar, this being Angela of The Doubleclicks.

And speaking of fanart…

Dammit Liz Holiday Special

Art inspired by the Dammit Liz Holiday special, a recent live show featuring @Stepto, Kirby Krackle’s Kyle Stevens, Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, Nerdprov, Dammit Liz and more!


Sara Chicazul, Maker of Things.

C-c-caffeine Dragon

And a bonus dragon, because wheeeeecoffeewheeeee!