Well THAT was too long a time between posts! But literally hours after my last post I was hit by a car, and I’ve been busy on Patreon trying to earn enough to pay bills. Between out-of-pocket medical expenses and basic bills, I don’t have a solid plan for food this month so… If you’ve been unsure about Patreon support – June is my 1 year anniversary there, and it would be a fine time! Or commission me for something or…

Anywho, on to the arts!

Nerd Night Out Cats

Nerd Night Out shows are the best!


I’ve been meaning to develop art skills in a furry direction! I would love commissions on this theme!


“Witchsona” was a meme going around, so here’s me as a witch!

Goldfish Mermaid

I did a month of unicorns and a month of mermaids on Patreon! These are a few of my favorites from the effort!

Jellyfish Mermaid  Deep Sea Mermaid

Paul and Storm Ball Pit

Paul and Storm fanart!

Greg Proops

Greg Proops

And actual proper little painting I gave to Greg Proops on his book tour!




Both Society 6 and Red Bubble have added leggings to their merch options! I have put up DOZENS of designs!

Quokka Dandy

Another Patron supported art!

Cat Hats

My next Patreon goal is to support a month live stream where I would have the audience and Patrons tell me what to draw, and this is an example of my current quick-sketch style (which i often use to respond to tweets). Here are more examples:

a4_2 a6 a5


And that’s only a fraction of what you missed! Especially if you’re not on Patreon! ^_~

I’m cooking a few other projects, hopefully I can get enough support and physical wellness to bring them into reality!