Press Blurb:

Jade Gordon is an artist, and lover of so many forms, styles and themes of art, she tries to touch on everything that she can in her work. She can be found all over the web these days, dabbling in digital art, photography, fabric design, stock art, and more.

Steampunk Bio:

Steampunk Bio Jade Gordon

Jade Gordon, also known as J-99-B1, is the fourth model in the Artistic Automaton series. Her exterior is a beautiful combination of oak and polished brass, complemented by tasteful tapestries. Inside, an advanced Aesthet-o-matic Engine, with over 42 gears, controls everything from J-99-B1’s themes to her characters to her choice of media. Recurrent output modes include digital art, caricature, fabric designs, webcomics and more! Manufactured in Upstate New York, J-99-B1 had been displayed in many states. The J-99-B1 can run for up to twelve hours on 50 oz. solution comprised of water, glucose, sodium, and other simple chemicals. Additional schematics & information available at jadegordon.com, and popular websites such as Spoonflower.com, Flickr.com, and Twitter.com.

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Why fan art, addendum.

How do you make art?

My views in regard to activism.

My views in regard to activism, addendum.

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Another Passion, 2012.

Almost Nerdy, 2011.

Angry Zen Master, 2008.

Helen Boyd, 2006.


Copyright NOTICE and Information:

I much prefer a polite way of doing things, and DO NOT support the concept of it being easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Crediting me is not always enough, I don’t care about whatever the perceived bonus is in giving me “exposure”. If you are using items I have specifically labeled “stock” (or distribute through Stock websites), then you can use it as long as you credit me under the creative commons license that accompanies each (please check for what type it is, I typically specify attribution, no derivatives, and non-commercial use), you won’t have to ask or contact me. However, just because you like my art and want to use it as an avatar, you DO NOT have permission to simply take and use whatever you like (please do not simply copy the images and use them as avatars, web design themes, profile decorations, etc.), and very especially not without asking. If you’re writing about me in the context of journalism, fan clubs, etc., you may use something under press guidelines, but I would still appreciate it if you were to ask first.


If this is puzzling to you, and you think you have a lot of great reasons why I should let you use my art in any way you see fit, please read the following links first, then my above FAQ posts about Fanart, then follow my above request.

No Spec.

More about spec work.

Things not to say to artists.

28 Talking Points.

Merlin Mann Interview with John Roderick, excerpt.

Fuck You, Pay Me. (Video presentation.)

Just Say No To Spec Work.

Fanart Theft.

Costs of creative work.


If you try to add me on Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. please know the following:

I don’t always follow back.

  1. I might stick you in some kind of “list” instead. Too much data to process, I have to organize the flow.
  2. I tend to only add people I actually know somehow (especially if it is a more private listing).*
  3. If you don’t actually know me, please don’t add me personally on FB (or other services), just follow the Fan Page – I swear you’re seeing about as much content as I’d post privately, you just have less access to my daily life.**
  4. It would be tremendously helpful if you sent me a note, message, or SOMETHING when you added me somewhere so I know who you are – particularly if you tend to have a pseudonym of some kind.


*This is completely OK, you can follow me if you like, you aren’t intruding if it is a public profile. Follow me for my work – yes, please do!

**I share quite a lot of my life publicly. I do this because I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re alone in how they feel, I like to lead by very imperfect example. We’re all human beings, we all have some sort of dramallama stalking us, and we’re all in this thing called life together. If you can gleen any kind of usefulness from my drivel, you are welcome to it. I am, however, a terrible, nervous, introvert that does in fact have dangerous stalkers. I need safe space to retreat to. I’m not excluding anyone as a personal insult.

I am not the Jade you’re looking for. As I’d previously noted here on my “About” page:

  1. I am the artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and generally weird person named Jade Gordon.
  2. I am NOT a model or actress, I am not affiliated with them in ANY way.
  3. I am also not a “fake” just because I’m not the Jade Gordon you’re looking for, and I am not at all an imposter, this is just my name.


I appreciate that you’re really into the Harry Potter thing, I am too. However, because of the actions of some very scary fans, I try not to even be very public about how much I like the books and movies. When you have actual stalkers, hearing quite a lot of teenage girls out there talking about how much they want to kill someone with the same name as you… it is incredibly creepy and unsettling. I know you’re excited, and I know you love the stuff you love, that’s cool, but please chill out a little.