LONG TIME NO SEE. No updates since … Feb. Sorry! It’s been… weird. I had the flu, more recently I fell and hurt my dominant hand, my healthcare got… complicated. So anyway… let’s catch up.


Spoonflower: My shop. My newest Designs. My Sprout Patterns. My Roostery Products.

I have made HUNDREDS of new designs this year! You can order fabric, furniture, SHEETS, and you can pick my designs for cut and sew patterns! So many things!


I am now selling art on the best and most wide ranging sizes of leggings! Wheee! New designs every month! Check out this blog post someone made about these leggings, and one of my designs!

Support me on Patreon! It’s the best place to see everything I do! And it’s only a buck a month if funding is tight! Bonuses these days are typically wallpapers, sometimes e-books, or free versions of some stuff I sell. I’m working on a new system for postcards for higher levels of support.

And in fan arts…

(John Hodgman, John Roderick, and my entry into the Bob’s Burger’s fan episode contest.)

A commissions of a friend’s D&D character!

The Doubleclicks hired me to create some art for the video of their cover of the MST3K theme! More info here!

And finally, on my Gumroad shop, you can buy a set of Manga/Clip Studio brushes that I made! And while you’re there you can pick up some zines, or buy a home-printable version of my astronaut coloring book!


My seasonal wishlist, if you’re feeling gifty!


I made some free-to-print-at-home Valentines with a space theme! You can find the downloads here and here.

I participated in two memes, Meet the Artist and Witchsona. I’ve done self-portraity things before, and I’ve done Witchsonas before, but tried some different directions this year.

I made some coloring pages for Resin Rose expo, and liked them so much I went ahead and colored them.

I also have an adults-only Patreon! If you want to support that, you can find it here! This is a preview of 4 new works I have ready to post once I get some Patrons there!

I have a BUNCH of zines up in my Gumroad shop! “Bewitched” is my new zine-baby, and I have it in B&W, color, and a special gift pack that will have things like stickers and scrapbooking paper samples!

I have a LOT of new fabrics up on Spoonflower, and in the next few weeks there will be dozens more!

And as always, I’m trying to keep busy on my main Patreon! Please consider supporting me! For just a buck a manth you get to see just about everything, and you get bonus content like digital copies of the zines!



I’ve been busy over on Patreon! Please pop over and check it out! Here’s more Patron supported art:







If you support me on Patreon, you can get some little bonuses like this e-zine :


canvas canvas2


I’ve also been making a ton of fabrics! Check ’em out here.

And Spoonflower has been expanding into household stuff! Like…

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How cool is THAT? You can find my stuff on Roostery right here!


I also really love commissions where I get to draw cats! Send me a message somewhere if you’re interested!

legs2 gtdrx1100frontblack-c2075720960-bgf8f8f8-2

I’ve been crazy about the new Ghostbusters! You can find some related stuff I’ve made in the shop links on the right side of this page!


I participated in this project to help support … more helpful causes this election. Please check it out here!



Patron supported art! Two 2 page comics! Among many other things! Please consider supporting me on Patreon! A buck a month and you’ll see lots!









So there’s a buncha examples of what you might be missing!

And then there’s been some commissions (you can commission me, too!)!



And as always, Spoonflower stuff ahoy!





CkMxBPfUYAM5GOo.jpg large

And look at that awesome shirt someone made with one of my designs!

And finally, some fanart!

s-1 copy

This selfie inspired art is because I was excited to see Joseph Scrimshaw record an episode of Obsessed! About Selfies!


Jonathan Coulton! Who has a new album out next year!

And finally, if you’re a Tumblr kinda person, you might consider following the fan blog, because it’s more frequently updated than here *coughcough*!


Whew! It sure has been a winter, I tell you whut. Alternating illnesses, my partner’s broken rib, and then the last month I’ve spent battling bursitis and neuromuscular flareups. Good times. Anywho, let’s catch up a little bit!

I’ve put up some fun stuff on Zazzle!



This art was inspired by this outfit on Polyvore


Thanks to a generous Patron, you can go here and download a high res version of this fanart to put on a shirt for yourself!


I made another Zine! This one is all mech-suit/robots! It is digital only right now, and you can buy it on Gumroad!


I made a little painting the day Bowie died…


I’ve also compiled all of my adult coloring pages into a print-at-home book you can buy on Gumroad!


If you support me on Patreon, you can see more of the series on Monster art I’ve been tinkering with!



I also made a short comic about my favorite dog! If you support me on Patreon you can get a free e-book version! You can also read it for free here!


Again with Patreon… I documented the process of creating this fantasy map, and posted a printable version for patrons!


A recent commissioned piece of a friend that is in oceanic sciences!


Fanart inspired by the podcast Roderick on the Line!



I was fortunate enough to see a show with The Doubleclicks, Jackie Kashian, and Molly Lewis! I made this to celebrate!


I’ve also finally got a green version of the tentacles for sale on Spoonflower!



I also got to do a backdrop for the Catty B’s IN SPACE!


And! And! I also got to do some art for the new podcast Gosh Darn Fiasco!


And finally, my effort on Hourly Comics Day!




A one-day-only free shipping deal from Spoonflower! You can find my shop here. You may also want to keep the seasonal delivery times for Spoonflower in mind! And if you want something that takes a little of the work out of it, you can try Sprout Patterns! They generate a pattern for your size, and fill in the fabric designs you choose! Just search for me, Jade Gordon, if you want to select one of my designs! Below is an example of the zipper pouch pattern with two of my designs!






I recently made THREE little art zines. I started in #inktober with the tree stump theme, then immediately ended up doing a second set with mushroom themes, and this month I did aliens in mech suits! patrons get digital copies of the zine for free! If you want to buy them (Both “Fungi” and “Beep Boop” have color bonus editions!), or one of the spare few print copies, you can visit my Gumroad shop!


I also put out an adult only full page comic book! You can also get it from Gumroad, or from Lulu as either a digital book or a print copy!


You can also commission me! These are 3 of the pieces I made this year via commissions! Send me an e-mail, message, whatever! These examples are stuff in the $100 range.


If you just want something in the $15-35 range, these are some examples of that…


I also have shops at both Red Bubble and Society 6 if you want items such as, say, leggings! I also have a Zazzle shop!



You could also support my Patreon! Here’s some peeks at upcoming patron supported pieces! You get to see everything before the public, wallpapers, and things like the zines, or printable paper dolls or coloring pages!

pats copy_5

Other ways you can support me:

I made a wishlist of some of my most-wanted items right now, from the everyday stuff to crazy things like a fancy vacuum.

If you just want to toss money at me for whatever reason, you can use Square or PayPal.




It’s a porn! Not Safe For Work!! Smuuuut! A WHOLE COMIC BOOK.

Short, fantasy based, terrible dialogue (I am not a writer! I just draw stuff! I cannot express enough how little you should expect of my writing!)…

In theory this will be one of 3 issues, the next two should be longer (this is only 15 pages). Given that I haven’t had a way to support the creation of it ( can’t quite Patreon or Kickstart…), I sure hope folks like it. It depends on how it does if I’ll do more. It’s a LOT of work to do just to do it, and I can’t afford to be doing unpaid work much right now.

I will update this with a FAQ if you leave comments with questions!

Buy a print copy!

Buy a Digital Copy via Lulu!

Buy a Digital Copy via Gumroad!

(My Lulu Shop!)


New tip jar! For odds and ends, if you don’t want a commission or to use something like Patreon, you can try this! (And because every little bit helps, I don’t seem to be able to escape the drama.)

Speaking of Patreon, though… here’s some stuff recently supported by Patrons! (Click through for better resolution.)




I’ve also had some fun with doodles…

For Cats in Dresses Day…




And I’ve been designing more fabrics to post on Spoonflower





And a little fan art of the Catty Bs!


And I made a bunch of little tiny arts for Vixy & Tony’s website!


And lastly, here is a fun commission for someone’s personal website-



Well THAT was too long a time between posts! But literally hours after my last post I was hit by a car, and I’ve been busy on Patreon trying to earn enough to pay bills. Between out-of-pocket medical expenses and basic bills, I don’t have a solid plan for food this month so… If you’ve been unsure about Patreon support – June is my 1 year anniversary there, and it would be a fine time! Or commission me for something or…

Anywho, on to the arts!

Nerd Night Out Cats

Nerd Night Out shows are the best!


I’ve been meaning to develop art skills in a furry direction! I would love commissions on this theme!


“Witchsona” was a meme going around, so here’s me as a witch!

Goldfish Mermaid

I did a month of unicorns and a month of mermaids on Patreon! These are a few of my favorites from the effort!

Jellyfish Mermaid  Deep Sea Mermaid

Paul and Storm Ball Pit

Paul and Storm fanart!

Greg Proops

Greg Proops

And actual proper little painting I gave to Greg Proops on his book tour!




Both Society 6 and Red Bubble have added leggings to their merch options! I have put up DOZENS of designs!

Quokka Dandy

Another Patron supported art!

Cat Hats

My next Patreon goal is to support a month live stream where I would have the audience and Patrons tell me what to draw, and this is an example of my current quick-sketch style (which i often use to respond to tweets). Here are more examples:

a4_2 a6 a5


And that’s only a fraction of what you missed! Especially if you’re not on Patreon! ^_~

I’m cooking a few other projects, hopefully I can get enough support and physical wellness to bring them into reality!