I know, it’s been … a while. I’ve been busy, and WordPress changed some things so… uh.. bear with me!

I have been busy, busy, busy on Spoonflower!

You can get my designs on household items via Roostery!

I’ve also been expanding this painting series!

And of course there’s been fan art!

And a variety of personal works digital, and painted.

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I made comics for Hourly Comic day! You can see previous efforts I’ve done in this tag. (There isn’t one for 2014, because I couldn’t face inking a day’s worth of doodles of myself crying. Rough times.)

Patreon Space

Patrons supported so much art! I did a whole month’s worth of Space Animals! I’ll be making the posts public over the course of this month. If you would like to support my art and see all of this PLUS get bonus content, you can support me here!

I haven’t consolidated many things here lately, so if you’re a bit behind on what I’ve been doing, you can check here for a log of art and stuff, and the fan-initiated art-specific Tumblr (which could use a helper mod if you’re interested! Send a message via Tumblr or something.)



Your friendly reminder that I am open to commissions!

Perhaps you want an avatar/portrait of your very own? Here’s some examples with really rough estimates of what it might cost:


For more info, please head to the bottom of the shop page for rules and guidelines! For a brief time, I may also post bonus videos of me drawing you art on YouTube, so you can see it being drawn!



Once upon a time, I amassed a giant collection of my opinions and links to articles supporting them (I know, some links are outdated, broken, or somehow link to the wrong things because they moved the source… sorry.).  Today, I ranted on Twitter, and I have more than several 140 character or less statements so…

  • How you look is not what defines you as a nerd, or a geek.
  • Comedy attempting to appeal to “nerds” shouldn’t use old stereotyping contexts and reformatted racist, sexist, sizeist, jokes.
  • Comedy written for thinking and studied people will suffice as “nerd” humor.
  • Also, there is no such thing as “too old” for a thing, instead of picking on what other people find fun & joyful, find your own indulgences.
  • The more I hear about how girls don’t play video games & only fat/”ugly” people are nerdy, the more I think the speaker is lazy & selfish.
  • I want to support stuff I love, even if sometimes they say dumb things, but boy is it hard sometimes.
  • Nerds, fats, uglies, we are everywhere, and we are in your audience. Hard to pay you for the pleasure of being called stupid and a loser.
  • Disclaimer: Sure, insult/rude comedy is a thing people enjoy, but w/ such skill & cleverness for other types, I want to see variety honored.

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I am having to move very suddenly. The building we’re in was doing earthquake retrofits and renovations, but things went sort of sideways, and I had about a week and a half to try to find a new place, pack, schedule movers…. CRAZY TIMES. Anyway… the move is requiring quite a loss of stuff and storage space. Some features also differ, making needs for some items where there hadn’t been before (oh, and while on a bus line, I am no longer near ANYTHING where I can “go run and pick up” stuff). Obviously I am short on funds, and cleaned out everything I had doing crazy things like paying the phone bill. EXCITEMENT! So, should you be in a very giving mood, here’s a buncha stuff I’ll need in the new place (and I do this so you can buy a thing directly if you are vastly uncomfortable sending funds to me):

Moving Wishlist.

Now, certainly I am going bonkers trying to figure out how to get stuff like this so I don’t have to live out of cardboard boxes forever (it’s cute when you’re 25 and able-bodied, not so much when you’re 37 and not so able). There MIGHT also be something coming up in a month or so* where you’ll want to buy stuff from me. OH THIS TIMING CURSE. So, please choose accordingly, pass it around. I need everything I can get to help. I already have a growing list of needs I cannot keep up with (like a winter coat, the gauzy long shirt I have ain’t doin’ it, and a back-up drive so I don’t loose data if my system fries, as it seems inclined to do if I can’t get it fixed), and I desperately want to get organized for my sanity and health.

I also plan an eBay batch when I get settled. I have so much art I never need to see again and I cannot afford the space. – I could practically fill that giant file cabinet on the wishlist.

UPDATE #4: We cannot afford a vacuum, and we will really need on in a couple of weeks. I know the one I choose seems pricey, but it really takes care of all the needs and challenges I have in keeping the carpet clean.

*About this thing. I cannot say yet – particularly as it is not completely confirmed, I can just say it could make for some tantalizing holiday shopping. I am a temptress, yes. (Please be laughing now, I sure am!)

Also, I will be back online after Monday.

Alrighty! Enough pleading today! ON TO ARTS.

Sara Chicazul

The lovely, the creative, the kind Chicazul!


Based on the episode of A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume with John Hodgman making his 4th appearance (special surprise moments long guest Paul F. Tompkins ). This is based on discussion of an alternate Plumiverse that they discussed.

Molly Bloodyfingers

On another episode of that podcast, Molly Lewis had a 5th appearance in which they talked about a potential roller derby name. “Molly Bloodyfingers, Queen of the Uke”.


And this is what Paul and Storm say Marian Call does in Alaska – Breakfast with Bears!


That is all for now!