Gallery : Textiles

I’ve been using Spoonflower to design and print fabrics! You can find my Spoonflower store here. If you’re interested in purchasing fabric, please see this detailed overview of post-washed fabrics, this post of sun exposed fabrics, this post of different types of fabrics as well as this one, and select what you need accordingly! Swatches are the best way to check for sure! They really are!

If I design a fabric you love, and it is not yet up for sale, or if you want a re-configuring of a fabric tiling, I can do that, but here’s the rules:

I must order a test swatch before I am allowed to put fabric up for sale through Spoonflower. Aside from the costs of having that physical item produced and shipped, I have to spend time working on the art, and negotiating what you need from it. You will have to commission me (see rates and rules here, short answer is simple scale change =~$6, if I have to spend time working on it and editing it in some way, asking for several “tweaks” and revisions, or requiring correspondence that enters into the realm of time consuming or customer service, my rates are $35 per hour), however I will retain all rights to the designs, I will still own the art copyright completely unless you purchase a license.

Quick explanation: Selling something crafted with a thing you’ve already bought from me is fine! It’s the re-purposing of the *art* that’s the problem (So if you say, tried to use the art for a business card, or in your shop logo, or if you copied it and printed it yourself and stuck it on something like a day planner that you made… THAT is not OK. The art itself is what I own unless other arrangements have been made.). That is still my copyright. But if you made a dress and photographed it for display or sale, that’s fine! You bought a product, you do whatever with it as that product. Now, should you want to link to/credit me, I would very much appreciate it! (Especially if it’s for publication, at some point someone made a dress that made it into a sewing magazine, so that’d a nice place to put credit in case someone wants to buy the fabric too make something.)
Fabrics In Use

A variety of previews of fabric in use by customers and such.