Shopping & Commissions

I have things posted in various places depending on what you’re looking for! I cannot accept PayPal donations or payments for goods or services. Payal explicitly forbids adult content (As of Early 2016 that looks like it may finally change. Just use my e-mail!). You can, however, use the SquareCash Tip Jar!

DeviantArt: Prints and printed goods.
Society6: Clothes, household goods, etc.
Zazzle: T-shirts and goods, stickers, etc.
Spreadshirt: Shirts and stuff.
Red Bubble: Stickers, Prints, T-shirts and goods.
Lulu :Books.
Gumroad: Also Books! And Downloadable content! And original art!
Amazon. Books. Note on the e-book “Pour Morir” I could only test on a Sony Reader, and it looked iffy. I put it on Kindle anyway, and the reports seem similar. I think it might only work for iPad users, not sure yet. If all else fails, it should work on a regular desktop computer. If you have purchased a copy and none of the e-readers work for you, please e-mail me proof of purchase and I’ll send you something you can at least view on your home computer.
1,000 Steampunk Illustrations (Alternate Ordering Options): I contributed 3 pieces to this book!
Spoonflower: Fabric prints! If you’re interested in purchasing fabric, please see these Overviews and examples (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) If I design a fabric you love, and it is not yet up for sale, or if you want a reconfiguring of a fabric tiling, I can do that, but here’s the rules: I must order a test swatch before I am allowed to put fabric up for sale through Spoonflower. Your request or customization is fine, but I will require a fee of $6, so I can cover the costs of proofing. If you have multiple requests, it will bring the cost per-item down. If you want a new design, (or end up asking for several “tweaks” and revisions, or require correspondence that enters into the realm of time consuming or customer service), or for me to create your idea as a fabric, you will have to commission me (see rates and rules below), however I will retain all rights to the designs, I will still own the art completely unless you purchase copyrights.
Skreened: T-shirts and goods.
CafePress: T-shirts and goods.


Please use this form to request a commission!

Quick rundown:

Anime/manga/comic style art, anything from G-XXX rated! I won’t faint away like a delicate flower if you want me to draw something dirty. I do have some ground rules:

  • NO kids, rape, watersports, scat, blood, gore, or bestiality.
  • Furry does not count as bestiality, disembodied tentacles are OK.
  • Copyrights NOT included. I retain all rights, including all use, display & publishing.
  • Purchase of copyrights is negotiable.
  • Images created NOT for distribution or publication without a contract*.
  • For Profit works will have additional fees.
  • Personal non-profit website, avatars, and that sort of thing will be fine.
  • Nothing libelous.
  • Creating fanart can be tricky, please don’t ask me to violate a copyright. (Ex: Drawing you in a Doctor Who costume is OK, making a Doctor Who comic to sell is not.)
  • Revisions cost extra.
  • I typically include a free series of avatars & icons if that’s the intended end use.
  • 50% Deposit required.

*I have contracts available, or can write something up, and I am happy to negotiate depending on your budget and needs.

I work at roughly $45 per hour, depending. You can expect simple avatars to be about $35, complicated projects (like full body full color pieces) to be $90 and up. (Pay attention for occasional Live Drawing sessions, where I take donations for doodles and simple line art!)

Examples (Links to DeviantArt): (1) (2) (3) , and some rough pricing examples: (4). There is a different rate for this sort of work. Detailed and complex works may have fees at a different scale depending on the project, high resolution demands, etc.

So what if you don’t want a cartoon or anime style art? I don’t know, I’d have to know a LOT more about what you’re looking for to tell if I could do it.

If you’re seeking a portrait of some kind, try to gather up a variety of photos from different angles (even if I were to say, draw you as a furry, it will help me to see you so I can inform the portrait – I try to draw EVERYONE in a positive way, too), and a variety of samples of art you like, or links to artists you like. Anything you can SHOW me will help me get a better idea of what you’re looking for.

And again, please use this form to request commissions!