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February 22nd, 2013

Going to Emerald City Comic Con? Wanna find me? Saturday, March 2, 2013 ~4:00pm until 6:00pm Gathering in the Lobby of the Washington State Convention Center, possibly making our way to the food court or some other locations with a table I can sit at. I will bring stuff to draw on, you will bring […]

Art Post

January 23rd, 2013

It is that time of year again soon! Here’s my 2013 edition of Nerdy Valentines! Go here to download the high res version to print a copy at home!  

Art Post

October 28th, 2012

I had that conversation with the very fun Josh A. Cagan (Who has a very fun podcast!), and then I… Next we have the product of my friend Alice and I joking around on Twitter about John Hodgman, and his potential to take over for Wilford Brimley as a spokesman… Some time later I noticed […]

Art Post

September 7th, 2012

I’ve been doing both Live Drawing (for donation or just to let folks watch me draw stuff) lately, as well as taking suggestions for drawing. What follows are a series of examples of these things. Star Trek Groundhog. A monster. Nerd Olympic Dice Rolling. Letter M stuff, and monkeys. You can also click here to […]

Live Drawing results!

July 29th, 2012

The saved videos can be seen here! Here are some selections from the two sessions.   I’m not sure when I’ll do it again. If you have suggestions, please let me know!

I was so honored to be asked by Molly Lewis to do the art for this poster.  I mean, not only do I get to do this cool thing, I get to make art of all these awesome people that I love to see. You get asked to do a thing like this, and the […]

Art Post

April 14th, 2012

At ECCC I managed to catch a mini-concert with The Doubleclicks (they have new stuff coming out!!), Marian Call, Molly Lewis (who is making videos every day this month, check it out!)and Vixy and Tony. And Marian Call’s newest, Shark Week was so fun! Can’t wait to see her plans for the release. :D Speaking […]

Art Post

April 4th, 2012

Star Talk Live was AMAZING! SO much fun!! Kristen Schaal! The internet’s (and mine) favorite Astronomical Badass! On Halloween last year, Molly Lewis, Sara Chicazul, Marian Call and The Doubleclicks (among others!) Dressed up as “Sexy” w00tstock. I finally got around to drawing some of them!  

Art Post

March 23rd, 2012

Based on episode 76 of Totally Laime, it is Paul F. Tompkins! Also inspired by PFT. Based on some early moments in the Sklar Brothers episode of Pete Homes’ “You Made it Weird”, here’s good ol’ Onion Pete – Pete Holmes in an open robe on the couch surfing for onion porn.   Eugene Mirman […]

Art Post

March 4th, 2012

Fanart of James Wojtal Jr. because his A Puppet A Day project is awesome.   I somehow forgot to post this last time. Some of my most recent fabrics via Spoonflower. Speaking of Fabrics… The stuff along the top is going with me to the PNWBJD Expo for selling. I’m trying to think of some new […]

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