I got to see Marc Maron with Mike Drucker opening tonight! It was SUCH a riotously good time!

Mike Drucker

I first saw Drucker open for Dan Telfer, then opening for Kumail Nanjiani, and tonight for Marc Maron. Every time he’s somehow magically 10 times better than the last show. Given that I initially found him to be a fucking hilarious nerd, you can imagine my wonderment at his exponentially increasing skill. I hope this means his success trajectory is skyrocketing! I was sad to see he wasn’t at the signing after the show, but I did run across him on the way to the bus. It was exactly long enough to hand him art, but where I just moved to it is catch a bus or stay on the street in a crappy area of town until morning. So.

Marc Maron

Aaaand on to the headliner!

Marc Maron

Maron and his growing pile of detritus.

Marc Maron

Marc Maron

I assume by now if you are a fan of comedy or podcasts, you’ve been listening to Marc Maron’s podcast. I was pretty excited to see him just do his thing. Really, from the time Drucker got on stage to the end of Maron’s set I don’t think I stopped laughing. With Maron’s show, I find it appealing on so many levels, it isn’t just funny, but there is something much deeper in terms of anger and frustration and the many ways in which he presents it. Too often anger in comedy feels a bit hollow and more spoiled-brat than a fully formed emotion, but the way Maron presents it… I understand it, and it only makes it that much funnier. I’m also glad that his new romance is learning (well, I assume she must be) to separate the act from the man’s life. My partner has joked many times about wanting to make a webcomic based on our daily lives, but boy oh boy could I not handle that! It’s hard to let someone else make art based on you – and then show it to the world. The way Maron talks about his new relationship feels a bit like a missing piece to his anger puzzle. ^_~

I’m also a little sad the audience didn’t push for an encore. They were so close to tipping into it! I wonder if this is just The Neptune effect. It seems like people get really, really excited there, and eager to show the love – for which I am glad, as it may entice people to perform out here more often.

And of course, after the show I gave him art (including the one I made specifically because of this show!).


P.S. Sorry about the number of click throughs you need to do to get to full sized photos and art. I’m not sure how to improve that on the back end of this. Eventually!