FAQ and Comic Info

Age : 41

Height : 5’6″
Astrological Sign: Libra
Personal Quote: I Blame Sailor Moon.
Favorite Manga: Yotsuba!
Favorite TV Show : Farscape
Favorite Color : Black
Favorite Music : Jonathan Coulton
Favorite food : Sushi
Favorite Game: WoW, Katamari Damacy
Favorite Poet: Pablo Neruda
Favorite Movies: Trading Places, Tootsie

The Idea

I came up with the idea for this comic, drew the character designs, and then gave up. I had no idea what the heck to do to flesh out my idea. But, then, having found myself with some extra time and some ideas, I decided to give it a go. Yes, initially “JJ” was based on me. Her image is a self-portrait of a sort (dig around enough you’ll find my picture, and you’ll see what I mean. If you’re *really* determined to see what I look like, join the message board. I sometimes post current photos there, along with a lot of LOM goodies!). I am at a point now where the characters are more archetypal, they’re more symbolic and not so much driven by an individual personality.

The Art

If there’s more you’d like to know, please ask! I will try to answer as many questions as I can! I’m a big fan-girl myself and love to know all sorts of info about things I read/watch/etc… so…

The “FAQ”-ish Stuff…

No forum?

No, I can’t keep up. If you want to talk Fan-Tumblr, let’s!

Why did you choose a TG theme?

Hmm… well… Why not? (^_^);

Ok ok, for those of you wondering what “TG” means… well… best I can do besides making a mess of trying to explain myself is to send you to a web site… Transsexuality.

Now, why am I seriously writing about a girl and a M2F crossdresser? Well (first, to be clear, Yun started out thinking it was just CD’ing, but is actually a transsexual – CD’s and TS’s are very different terms and apply to different things). Because I am a girl who tends to prefer femininity in a romantic partner, regardless of physical gender. Simple enough answer, hmm? Curiosity satisfied? No? You could always E-mail me if you want to get more details or ask me more about it.

Why is EVERYONE in the comic gay, lesbian, or transgendered?

I think it illustrates that, contrary to popular belief, GLBT people are not trying to convert anybody. I think we seek out GLBT people as friends, romantic partners, and chosen family because we can often identify with them, and they often (yes, I know this is debatable) have an already accepting attitude for who we are. Sometimes their acceptance doesn’t cross between the G and the L, the T and the G, the L and the B, the L and the T, etc. There are characters that are not, but I’m not telling those stories right now.

What’s with all the letters?

G = Gay
L = Lesbian
B = Bisexual
T = Trans*
Q = Questioning
A = Accepting/Supporters/Friends/Family

I say Trans* because it usually means Transgendered, but even that is most often used for a huge blanket meaning everything from crossdressing to full transition and can include Intersexed folks. It seems like ANYTHING with an atypical gender preference gets that basic heading.

If JJ is based on you, are you really that clumsy/unlucky/picked-on?

No. I’m worse. I’ve been hit in the head with Volleyballs, Softballs, basketballs, among other things. Mostly because people where wingin’ ’em at me when I wasn’t looking because – I was a geek, therefore they assumed beating up on me would make them cool. *Curses*. I was frequently the victim of various kinds of bullies, I was always the “new kid”, I never had any friends… Those of you out there with the same fate know the drill. I’ve been in fights (most of these actually were me finally getting sick of it and fighting back – I always won, and people would leave me alone for a week or so after), had clothes ruined, etc (I complained to every teacher and counselor I could find, but none of them even *tried* to help me). I am actually that clumsy too, I’ve fallen down more stairs than I can remember, had some spectacular falls, walked into countless things, I’ve got little coordination. I am allergic to bees, and avoid them as much as I can because when I was about 5 my hand did swell up just about the size JJ’s did. I never did cut myself in Biology tho – I always refused to do dissections. Not because I cared about whatever we were supposed to cut up – it was just too gross and turned my stomach. This, of course, is why I took the same class three times. If you don’t dissect they just fail you.

What is Yun?

Hmm… well, at first “Lean On Me” was kind of a fantasy for me … Yun started out in my head a bit like the best bits of everyone and everything I wanted. Elizabeth is based on the real Elizabeth who I actually know IRL. Certain situations, feelings or plot lines have some basis in my experience, too. Ok, so, now on to the labeling… *grin* I was anti-label for a while, but, it made it difficult to explain thoughts and ideas and feeling to people without them. (I feel) Labels aren’t wrong, you just need to choose carefully. Its hard to communicate sometimes if don’t have at least a general term to use for certain things, so… Yun isn’t a crossdresser, Yun isn’t a transvestite, Yun is ::drum roll:: a transsexual. Now, keep in mind Yun *was* only a teenager, and had a ways to go yet in finding herself, forget about trying to come to terms with the idea of taking hormones and/or having surgery! She was only just starting her journey. Dressing for her isn’t fetishtic, it’s just what makes her happy. But, it’s a long and difficult path to get to actual physical change, and who knows if Yun would ever go that far. Elizabeth on the other hand, is pretty gung-ho about the direction she’s headed in(^.^*)! I answered the “What is Yun?” question for everyone on the LOM Message Board a while ago, but didn’t answer it on the website. Yun was *always* an enigma… I didn’t want to get *very* specific about Yun so that people could read into it whatever they liked. Some people like Yun because they see themselves – whatever they may be – as that character. Yun is more symbol than character. Yun wasn’t based on any one person, Yun was a buncha ideals stuck together.

How do you make the comic?

I sit around and doodle, basically. I come up with little ideas and sketch them out, ink them, and use my computer to clean it up and add the text. I’ve been practicing for YEARS to get “anime” and “manga” styles down. It’s HARD, and I can’t practice enough. I often think my art sucks, but it is FAR better than when I started trying my hand at these styles! I do admit, too, that the art has it’s ups and dows. In the interest of getting actual updates done, I will sometimes just put SOMETHING up. I figured it’d be better to advance the story than spend time on art.

Who is your ‘muse’ to you?

Dove, whom I had often referred to as my “Muse”, is a source of inspiration. She’s the spark igniting creativity. She’s a reason to live and to endure living. She keeps me grounded, keeps me rational, calms the storms that would otherwise get in the way of creativity. She provides me with a never ceasing flow of awe, wonder, and magic.

What about this Elizabeth person and why does she have a pointy nose?

Elizabeth is someone I had the pleasure of meeting once. It only took that once to be totally smitten with her. A relationship just was NOT possible (she’s monogamous, I’m polyamorous), but I think she’s a big sweetie. I’ve only ever seen “her”, and don’t know very much at all about what she was born as. She has a expressed a preference for that long red hair with the braid, and that’s what she had when I saw her, so that’s what she’s wearing in the art of her. She’s got a pretty face, but even Yun has the big pointy nose and in certain kinds of manga and anime styles, noses get long and pointy, so the pointy nose is no kind of insult.

What’s the *point* of the comic?

Be yourself. Living a lie isn’t worth it.

Live honestly. When you don’t, it will always come back and bite you in the butt.

Doing the right thing isn’t always (or often, even) easy or enjoyable. You gotta do what’s right, but it could, and often does suck. All you get is the satisfaction that you did what was best.

Genetic girls (born females, etc) that love crossdressers, transsexuals, transvestites, transgendered people DO SO EXIST! We do! We do!

Said girls should NEVER have to feel as alone as I so often did. We appear to be incredibly rare, but we EXIST – I am not a singularity! We’re not alone! Some of us have gathered here, “Admirers” (A Yahoo Group for Genetic Girls ONLY, who share this interest). Please join us! (Born Females only!!) Not a Genetic Female? Join us here, in Admirers II.

I absolutely adore femininity in a romantic interest – but I can’t date all of the pretty ones I meet! Yet, I want for those I can’t squeeze in to still feel hope that they’ll find someone like me someday.

Friends are important, and more valuable than any worldly possession.

Nobody can tell you who you are or what’s right for you. You *must* do what you *feel* is right for *yourself*! Don’t listen to what other people say, especially people who don’t know you and care about you. Nobody can define you but yourself! Sometimes it’s hard to find people that feel exactly the way you do who can understand and support you, but they do EXIST!

That all is kinda what the point was to the story… I am so very glad that it’s done so much for so many. I’ve only gotten, like, 2 negative mails from people in 5 years, and, like, several hundred good ones, and a handful of amazing ones – life-story kinda stuff that really kept me going. My *reason* for doing this, what drove me to keep going was the effect it had on people. I’ve finally done something that matters and helps people. It may be in a terribly small way, but it’s my first contribution to the “ripple” – Big splashes tend not to really *change* anything, but those little ripples… little seeds that get planted and grow and root out. Small changes grow and get contagious after a while. (ok, it’s ,like, 3 AM and I’m babbling… bear with me, eh?!) It’s like this… I read something like all the info on Transsexual.org or Jennifer Reitz’s words on the “Unicorn Jelly” site (Unicorn Jelly) … her encouraging people to follow their heart), or the writings on Glyndon’s site. What does that do? It makes that little light bulb in my head go on – ::bink:: (the sound of a light bulb turning on) “Hey, I’m not alone!!” So what do I do? I go and I put my message out there… and people that read it go -::bink:: “Hey, I’m not alone!!” … and they maybe don’t go put a message out there, but maybe they have kids someday and teach them different things so their kids never go out there and propagate hate (one can hope that’s how it works anyway). At the very least, now there are thousands of people that know they are *not* alone in how they feel, and they can have hope.

As a reward for donations, I will have made a private section of the site. I will post all the donation gifts there. For the most part, it is wallpapers (5 years worth!), and a few odd bits. I keep a list of donators, so if I change how access works, I’ll let you know. I tend to work with donations being a sort of pass to the lifetime of that section. I may have to work on that if bandwidth there becomes an issue.

Here’s some previews!

November 2006 Donation Art PreviewDonation Gift Art October 2009Donation Gift Art

Commissions Me!!

I’ll happily do Custom Art! Want to see yourself done in LOM style? Want a pic drawn of you in Japanese Manga style? Maybe a favorite TV star or character? Live Journal Icons? Try commissioning me! I will also happily send you examples of other work I’ve done in case you want to try something a little different, and want to see what I can do!