December 24th, 2007



I present to you the first 2 chapters of my webcomic, “Lean On Me”. I realize it is hard to read and low quality, but in the interest of not spending another year or so re-creating the comics or page layout… I’m giving in and just doing the best I can with what is here (and for ease of import, I posted pages instead of individual comics). It will be rough reading, but eventually I developed my own font, and by Chapter 3, it gets a lot better.

The original dates are all lost from the WordPress import, and after a long, long time wracking my brain and looking for a solution, the best I can do is just post them in order on new dates. Sorry about that! The archives on Keenspace/ComicGenesis are still tagged with the original post dates!

You can also check out Comixpedia for some comic details!