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Who, Me?

If only my life were so glamorous!

Well, I was getting a bit more creatively organized… but then I had to move in a hurry (Oh man, a week without drawing tools nearby – unsettling!). I am now tearing my hair out trying to figure out what I can part with because my stuff does not fit in the living space I have now. In the coming months I’m sure I’ll be putting up some kind of eBay fire-sale style thing. Until then, if you can help me adjust to life in the new place via donations or getting stuff I need, it would be deeply appreciated (I had no idea my claustrophobia had gotten as bad as it has until I was surrounded with boxes up to my neck and couldn’t get out the front door without attempting a bellydancing-worm-wiggle around things).


Until I can get back to something more stable, please enjoy this small wallpaper of me in a Doctor Who mash-up costume.