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Cave Jade


So, recently on the internet, I seem to have been trolled by slacktivist wannabees.

Now, why am I still on about it? Why do I feel like I need to say something? Because my intent in creating the comic was to communicate my view, find others like me, and be helpful in general. When someone is new to this comic, new to me in general, or who have simply not followed everything I do ever everywhere, I don’t want so much out-of-context nonsense to occur. For people to react is such immensely ridiculous ways could diminish what I try to do by scaring people away before they have a chance to learn for themselves.

So if you’re curious about RECENT me…

In terms of answering the question of was I a sexist, knuckle dragging sleazeball BACK THEN? Hardly. I did go back to the forum and browse what we used to talk about, and it really was not at all “hur hur hur ::drool:: at all, it actually WAS more about support and leaning on each other while we struggled with our sexual and romantic needs. I also did this fun thing that the internet lets us do these days, I looked back into the abyss to see who exactly was doing this sort of thing, and glass houses, y’all.

I know it’s not the best idea to engage with trolls like this, but drawing that art sure was some fun therapy! Yup, that’s me, big ‘ol Cave Jade, skeevy pervert. I also have lovely fans and friends who have had many nice things to say about the matter, and the comic in general.

Anywho… I hope the relatively open book of me is of some use to you on your path of learning in life.