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A one-day-only free shipping deal from Spoonflower! You can find my shop here. You may also want to keep the seasonal delivery times for Spoonflower in mind! And if you want something that takes a little of the work out of it, you can try Sprout Patterns! They generate a pattern for your size, and fill in the fabric designs you choose! Just search for me, Jade Gordon, if you want to select one of my designs! Below is an example of the zipper pouch pattern with two of my designs!






I recently made THREE little art zines. I started in #inktober with the tree stump theme, then immediately ended up doing a second set with mushroom themes, and this month I did aliens in mech suits! patrons get digital copies of the zine for free! If you want to buy them (Both “Fungi” and “Beep Boop” have color bonus editions!), or one of the spare few print copies, you can visit my Gumroad shop!


I also put out an adult only full page comic book! You can also get it from Gumroad, or from Lulu as either a digital book or a print copy!


You can also commission me! These are 3 of the pieces I made this year via commissions! Send me an e-mail, message, whatever! These examples are stuff in the $100 range.


If you just want something in the $15-35 range, these are some examples of that…


I also have shops at both Red Bubble and Society 6 if you want items such as, say, leggings! I also have a Zazzle shop!



You could also support my Patreon! Here’s some peeks at upcoming patron supported pieces! You get to see everything before the public, wallpapers, and things like the zines, or printable paper dolls or coloring pages!

pats copy_5

Other ways you can support me:

I made a wishlist of some of my most-wanted items right now, from the everyday stuff to crazy things like a fancy vacuum.

If you just want to toss money at me for whatever reason, you can use Square or PayPal.