Art Post and Updates!

LONG TIME NO SEE. No updates since … Feb. Sorry! It’s been… weird. I had the flu, more recently I fell and hurt my dominant hand, my healthcare got… complicated. So anyway… let’s catch up.


Spoonflower: My shop. My newest Designs. My Sprout Patterns. My Roostery Products.

I have made HUNDREDS of new designs this year! You can order fabric, furniture, SHEETS, and you can pick my designs for cut and sew patterns! So many things!


I am now selling art on the best and most wide ranging sizes of leggings! Wheee! New designs every month! Check out this blog post someone made about these leggings, and one of my designs!

Support me on Patreon! It’s the best place to see everything I do! And it’s only a buck a month if funding is tight! Bonuses these days are typically wallpapers, sometimes e-books, or free versions of some stuff I sell. I’m working on a new system for postcards for higher levels of support.

And in fan arts…

(John Hodgman, John Roderick, and my entry into the Bob’s Burger’s fan episode contest.)

A commissions of a friend’s D&D character!

The Doubleclicks hired me to create some art for the video of their cover of the MST3K theme! More info here!

And finally, on my Gumroad shop, you can buy a set of Manga/Clip Studio brushes that I made! And while you’re there you can pick up some zines, or buy a home-printable version of my astronaut coloring book!


My seasonal wishlist, if you’re feeling gifty!