Boy howdy has it been busy lately. In some ways bad (medical issues) in some ways good (productive and non-cancerous results involved in medical issues).

The stuff behind the scenes here is still kind of wonky, so I’ll entertain you with placeholders until I get the machinery going again.

There is tons (for me, anyway) of new stuff in the DeviantArt gallery (clickies!), and the occasional somethingorother on Twitpic (clickies!), AND I’m still posting lots of stuff on Spoonflower (clickies!).

I will have art in the Steamcon II art show in November! I may pair my presentation with a first-come first-serve set of 1″ buttons. Maybe. Depends on how many supplies I have left and physical effort required.

I also went to a Marian Call concert earlier (With Molly Lewis opening), and it was fantastic! My (still learning) photos here (clickies!)! Video Clip!