It’s a porn! Not Safe For Work!! Smuuuut! A WHOLE COMIC BOOK.

Short, fantasy based, terrible dialogue (I am not a writer! I just draw stuff! I cannot express enough how little you should expect of my writing!)…

In theory this will be one of 3 issues, the next two should be longer (this is only 15 pages). Given that I haven’t had a way to support the creation of it ( can’t quite Patreon or Kickstart…), I sure hope folks like it. It depends on how it does if I’ll do more. It’s a LOT of work to do just to do it, and I can’t afford to be doing unpaid work much right now.

I will update this with a FAQ if you leave comments with questions!

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New tip jar! For odds and ends, if you don’t want a commission or to use something like Patreon, you can try this! (And because every little bit helps, I don’t seem to be able to escape the drama.)

Speaking of Patreon, though… here’s some stuff recently supported by Patrons! (Click through for better resolution.)




I’ve also had some fun with doodles…

For Cats in Dresses Day…




And I’ve been designing more fabrics to post on Spoonflower





And a little fan art of the Catty Bs!


And I made a bunch of little tiny arts for Vixy & Tony’s website!


And lastly, here is a fun commission for someone’s personal website-



Well THAT was too long a time between posts! But literally hours after my last post I was hit by a car, and I’ve been busy on Patreon trying to earn enough to pay bills. Between out-of-pocket medical expenses and basic bills, I don’t have a solid plan for food this month so… If you’ve been unsure about Patreon support – June is my 1 year anniversary there, and it would be a fine time! Or commission me for something or…

Anywho, on to the arts!

Nerd Night Out Cats

Nerd Night Out shows are the best!


I’ve been meaning to develop art skills in a furry direction! I would love commissions on this theme!


“Witchsona” was a meme going around, so here’s me as a witch!

Goldfish Mermaid

I did a month of unicorns and a month of mermaids on Patreon! These are a few of my favorites from the effort!

Jellyfish Mermaid  Deep Sea Mermaid

Paul and Storm Ball Pit

Paul and Storm fanart!

Greg Proops

Greg Proops

And actual proper little painting I gave to Greg Proops on his book tour!




Both Society 6 and Red Bubble have added leggings to their merch options! I have put up DOZENS of designs!

Quokka Dandy

Another Patron supported art!

Cat Hats

My next Patreon goal is to support a month live stream where I would have the audience and Patrons tell me what to draw, and this is an example of my current quick-sketch style (which i often use to respond to tweets). Here are more examples:

a4_2 a6 a5


And that’s only a fraction of what you missed! Especially if you’re not on Patreon! ^_~

I’m cooking a few other projects, hopefully I can get enough support and physical wellness to bring them into reality!



I made comics for Hourly Comic day! You can see previous efforts I’ve done in this tag. (There isn’t one for 2014, because I couldn’t face inking a day’s worth of doodles of myself crying. Rough times.)

Patreon Space

Patrons supported so much art! I did a whole month’s worth of Space Animals! I’ll be making the posts public over the course of this month. If you would like to support my art and see all of this PLUS get bonus content, you can support me here!

I haven’t consolidated many things here lately, so if you’re a bit behind on what I’ve been doing, you can check here for a log of art and stuff, and the fan-initiated art-specific Tumblr (which could use a helper mod if you’re interested! Send a message via Tumblr or something.)



Whew! Sorry it has been so long since the last update! So, that’s a sampling of things you may have been missing if you’re not supporting me on Patreon! The fundraisers to help me move were sort of difficult, and I don’t think people really get enough back from me for the help, so I thought it’d be better to focus on things like Patreon where you at least get some kind of bonus! And if you hurry and pledge to support me before the end of October you’ll be elligible to win this prize bag!



I’ve also been ding a series of friends as witches, trying to keep up with Inktober sort of!


Two free print at home cards I made for fellow Munchkin fans! If you’re a fan of The Oatmeal or Sarah Donner, you will get the joke! If you’ve ever played Munchkin, you may also get the joke in an entirely different way.



I’ve also put out a TON of new fabric designs!



And here are two pieces of art that were supported by Patrons!


And another! See what supporting me gets ya? Lots of art!


I also got to make some tour art for The Doubleclicks! And i guess that went well because then this happened:



If you want more art from the video, click here!


Loads of Patron supported art this time! If you go to my Patreon Activity page, you can find some public posts and sometimes they have attached bonus downloads!




Like this Civet is part of a paper doll you can print at home!



And, if you pledge 5 bucks per creation before September first (you can limit it to just one piece in your Patron settings), I will be doing a drawing – the winner will get one of these hand gilt prints! If you want to see the art these prints are from, you’ll have to wait until they get their full public release next month!



In sadder news, this have been really rough for me lately. I am trying so hard to get up and out of this hole I’m stuck in, but I need help. If you’d consider pitching a little into this fundraiser, I would be most grateful!


I’m still working on this moving fundraiser!

So far on Patreon

A few glimpses into what you’re missing if you’re not supporting my Patreon.

Frost Spirit

Frost Spirit


And here’s one of the first things that was up on my Patreon! I’d much appreciate it if you’d consider supporting me!


I also made a self-portrait as the famous pancake eating cat gif.


I was also lucky enough to be commissioned for a gift making! This was for none other than hilarious comedian Joseph Scrimshaw.

That is all for now. Peace, Love, tacos and pancakes to you.


I had an urge to draw some friends as fancy cats….




And some just plain fancy…