Art Post

I made some free-to-print-at-home Valentines with a space theme! You can find the downloads here and here.

I participated in two memes, Meet the Artist and Witchsona. I’ve done self-portraity things before, and I’ve done Witchsonas before, but tried some different directions this year.

I made some coloring pages for Resin Rose expo, and liked them so much I went ahead and colored them.

I also have an adults-only Patreon! If you want to support that, you can find it here! This is a preview of 4 new works I have ready to post once I get some Patrons there!

I have a BUNCH of zines up in my Gumroad shop! “Bewitched” is my new zine-baby, and I have it in B&W, color, and a special gift pack that will have things like stickers and scrapbooking paper samples!

I have a LOT of new fabrics up on Spoonflower, and in the next few weeks there will be dozens more!

And as always, I’m trying to keep busy on my main Patreon! Please consider supporting me! For just a buck a manth you get to see just about everything, and you get bonus content like digital copies of the zines!